Concern ASE

Enegry is what brings everything in motion (Aristoteles)

is a company, making complex realizations of buildings, reconstructions and services in energetics and industry. Holding consists of four companies, which work together, each providing one part of the whole process - company ASE, s.r.o. (division Energetics), ASE-MC, s.r.o. (division Metalworks), Fortel spol. s.r.o. (division Construction) and KB Servis Elektro spol. s.r.o. (division Electromaterial). Those divisions makes concern capable of most complex and difficult projects realization in the field of electro energetics and industry.

Some of our main focuses are designing, construction, manufactory, supply of machines and devices, making assembly works and comissioning of complex technological processes.


Divison Energetics

Divison Metalworks

Divison Construction

Divison Electromaterial



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